We Remember

Mark C. Spear

Mark C. Spear
1949 – 2020

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden and unexpected passing of our friend, Mark Spear. May God be with his family and friends during this time of grief and sorrow. April 30, 2020

Mark Spear was a fierce fighter for liberty and the US Constitution. He was caring, dedicated, and relentless in his pursuit of freedom. He will be missed. Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairman, Republican Party of Arizona

The Man in Black was a true fighter! Remembering the first time I met him and his small horse, I was immediately struck by his good humor, yet intensity. We’ll miss you Mark!  David Eppihimer, Chairman, Pima County Republican Party

The Man in Black

I was saddened to hear today that a member of our community passed on.   Our friend, Mark Spear, has moved on to other arenas in which to share his political mission.  While we called him the Man in Black, we secretly admired him for having the sense of self to carry around his small horse to get attention to his causes.  He was a man of his convictions.  As political operatives we see so many people who turn their backs on politics, calling it distasteful.  Somehow they are too sophisticated and elite to get involved in politics – while they cry when their government over-reaches into their life. 

Please take a moment to admire the warrior in Mark and do some introspection about yourself as to how far you will go for what you believe is right? 

What I learn from someone like him is to not take myself so seriously while fighting for my cause.  We can make our points and perhaps people will remember us more for the smile you put on their face than what may or may not have been an issue we agreed upon. 

While the country is terrified of having personal contact I am going to say that I am missing my political brethren.  While we may not always agree with each other, we certainly enjoy our common cause and the time we spend together.  I miss that.

Say a small prayer for Mark and look forward to better days – times when we can carry Mark’s horse for him.  Mary Preble, 2nd Vice Chair, Pima County Republican Party

Mark Spear was the ideal grassroots activist who always had energy and positivity when it came to political challenges. We have him to largely thank for getting those pestering red light cameras ban in Tucson and constantly challenging government overreach. Mark also ran as a write-in for Legislative District 9 Senate in 2016 as the “dark horse” candidate. He would often be seen with his black horse prop while campaigning. He was a stand up guy with a personality and I can’t think of one person that didn’t like him. He will be missed and Legislative District 9 will not be the same without him.” John Dalton, Chairman, Legislative District 9

I am very sorry to hear the news of Mark Spear’s passing. He was a strong Republican and voice for less government interference in our lives. He was also quite a colorful character in his one right. Brad Johns, Former Chairman, Legislative District 9

What an honor to have known the “Man in Black”, Mark Spear.

Though we are saddened by his sudden loss we must celebrate the joy he brought to all of us!

I met Mark through the Pima County Republican Club and from the first moment, I was so impressed by his knowledge, his commitment to the Republican Party, and his love for the community.  He was truly a man of his word and an awesome statesman.

I thank him for his service to the nation.  He was a loyal supporter and I will cherish one of the last moments with Mark.

Watch over us, Mark and keep us pointed in the right direction with your true patriotism.

Courtesy of Deana Puccinelli, 3rd Vice Chair, Pima County Republican Party