Voting in Pima County

Is my voter
registration current?

I need to register to vote if:

  • I have never registered to vote in Pima County before
  • I have changed my name due to a marriage or divorce
  • I have moved to a new residence
  • I want to change my political party preference

Is my voter registration current? Grab your Driver’s License or Voter ID and check here.


  • I can register online here
  • I can go to the County Recorder’s office (locations found here)
  • I can go the Pima County Republican Party Headquarters (1740 E Ft Lowell, Ste 140)

** Deadline to register to vote in the PRIMARY Election will be Monday, July 6th.

Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL)

From the Pima County Recorder: If you choose to participate, you will automatically receive an Early Voting Ballot for every election that you are eligible to participate in without the need to request a ballot for each election. In order to be included on the Permanent Early Voting List, you must make a written request specifically asking to be on this list. See the rest of the policies and procedures surrounding the PEVL here. If your voter registration is current, but you would like to be ADDED to the list, the form is on the Recorder’s website, or you can contact the Pima County Republican Party. If you would like to be REMOVED from the list, the form is on the Recorder’s website or through our office.

PRIMARY ELECTION PEVL (mail-in) Ballots will be mailed: Wednesday, July 8th

PRIMARY ELECTION PEVL (mail-in) Ballots need to be mailed back by: to be determined. **NOTE** If you prefer to drop off your PEVL Ballot on Primary Election Day, you can do so at any of the polling locations (see below for locations). Please understand that your ballot will still need to go through signature verification by the County Recorder’s office, i.e., it becomes a Provisional Ballot and will not be counted in the totals on Election Night.


I’ve mailed my ballot back to the County Recorder, now what? Check the status of your mail-in ballot by going here. If you do not see your ballot, please contact the County Recorder directly at 520.724.4350.


I vote at the Polls, but circumstances are requiring me to vote early. Find EARLY VOTING SITES here.


Where are the PRIMARY Election Polling Locations? Check the list of Polling Locations here. The website will ask for your address.


I voted at the Polls and was required to vote a PROVISIONAL Ballot. How do I check the status of that ballot? Grab your Receipt Number and go here.