Supervisor District 5

Fernando Gonzales

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Fernando Gonzales has been married to his wife Katie for 47 years and they have lived in Pima County for the past 41 years. He has two married daughters and 7 grandchildren who also reside in Pima County.
Fernando is the son of first generation immigrant farm workers and one of eight siblings that, as youngsters, worked in the cotton fields in Marana and traveled between Arizona and California, working in the agricultural fields.Fernando recently retired after selling the business he owned for 20 years. Fernando has worked for State, Federal, and County governments and has also worked both in the private and non-profit sector.
As a business owner and on a personal level, Fernando believes in giving back to the community not only through financial contributions, but also by giving of his time through volunteer work. Throughout the years, he has served on a variety of non-profit boards and served as a volunteer for different groups, organizations and governmental agencies. Today Fernando continues to volunteer, teaching ESL classes to Head-Start program parents. Fernando’s love and passion for helping people, especially those less fortunate, has taken him to many of the poorest areas in Mexico. See the rest of his bio here.