Request to Speak (RTS)

If you want to have your voice heard at the State Legislature but don’t want to drive to Phoenix, you can create an account on the Request to Speak system.

Step one is to head downtown to 400 W Congress St, west side (there’s free parking there). Go through security and take the 400 South elevator to the second floor. Head down the long hallway to Room 201 on the right. It should say Tax Forms on the door. The kiosk to create and enable your account is in that room. Be sure to have the email address and password you want to use. (Note, if you want to create the account on line before heading downtown, you can follow the next step and click on Create an Account instead of signing in. You will still need to go to the kiosk downtown to enable the account.)

After you create and enable your RTS account, the next step is to navigate to this page and click on the Sign On link in the top right corner of the page. Use your credentials to log in.

Click on the Request to Speak button. If you haven’t requested to speak on any bill, it will walk you through going to Agenda Search” on the left. You can search by Senate, House, or both, as well as search by committee or phrase.

We hope this helps. There are several places you can be alerted to hot-button topics. Join the Arizona Citizens’ Defense League ( or call 623.242.9086). Navigate to Both of these entities are on Facebook and Twitter as well.