Photo Gallery

2019 Lincoln Day Dinner

Keynote Speaker, Senator Martha McSally

Special Guest, AZGOP Chair, Dr Kelli Ward


Trunk ‘n’ Tusk VIP event

Harry Carrigan

LD 10!

Roz Bayard and Ann Hollis (Art Wales Award Winner)

Pima GOP Member at Large, Ms Ophelia S Parker speaking with Dr Kelli and Mike Ward

Ms Ophelia S Parker and Dr Kelli Ward

Ann Hollis, Roz Bayard with our Sheriff, Mark Napier

Art Wales Award Winner, Ann Hollis, and her husband, Steve Smith, with Senator McSally

LD 10 board members, Bobbie Jo King and Alex Dely, with Senator McSally

Pima GOP 2nd Vice Chair, Lee Cornelison, and his wife, Norma, with Senator McSally

LD 10 PCs Levoy and Penny Hurley

LD 9 PC Brad Johns

LD 10 Chair, Mariano Rodriguez, and his wife, Andrea

Barney & Sharon Brenner

Carlos Ruiz

Pima GOP Chair, David Eppihimer, and his wife Becky

Rachael Sedgwick

AZGOP 1st Vice Chair, Parralee Schneider

Joseph Morgan