Countdown to November 3rd

Activity Due date(s)
State Delegate Elections (PCs vote) Contact Legislative District Chairs
Precinct Committeeman signatures due March 9th – April 6th, 5 pm
Partisan candidate signatures due March 9th – April 6th, 5 pm
State Convention (election of National Dele-gates by State Delegates) May 9th, Virtual Meeting
Non-Partisan candidate signatures due June 8th– July 6th, 5 pm
Voter Registration deadline for PRIMARY Election July 6th, midnight
PRIMARY Election Early Ballots mailed July 8th
Arguments For/Against Initiatives (to be included in the Publicity Pamphlet) July 8th, 5 pm
PRIMARY Election Day August 4th (Polls open til 7 pm)
Justices & Judges signatures due August 5th – September 4th, 5 pm
Republican National Convention (National Delegates vote) August 24 – 27, Spectrum Center, Charlotte NC
Voter Registration deadline for GENERAL Election October 5th, midnight
GENERAL Election Early Ballots mailed October 7th
GENERAL Election Day November 3rd (Polls open til 7 pm)

Want to be an Election Poll Worker? This is a paid position. Sign up with Pima County Elections (click here). There will be training provided by the Elections Department. Call 520.724.6830 with any questions.

We need REPUBLICAN OBSERVERS (unpaid) in EVERY area of the 2020 election! We’ll be looking for observers in every polling location, in the Recorder’s Office, in the Elections Department, etc. Check back for the point of contact and training opportunities.