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Mark Kelly And China

When the news broke that World View Enterprises, Democrat Senate candidate Mark Kelly’s space balloon surveillance company, took money from communist Chinese investors I was horrified. Worse, he tried to hide the dirty money in a subsidiary.

The $15 million Pima County taxpayer funded launch facility was supposed to be an economic boon, with the promise of 400 Tucson jobs by 2020 and major economic impact. Instead, over 300 of those jobs are nowhere to be found. They did, however, manage to find a job for Kelly’s daughter.

Mark Kelly may have served our country in the past, but now it seems the only person he’s interested in serving is himself and his Chinese investors. How can Arizonans trust him with our tax dollars in Washington if he’s squandered our tax dollars here in Tucson? How can he be trusted to hold China accountable or protect our national security when he’s personally profited off communist Chinese investors? The short answer is, we can’t.

David Eppihimer
East side
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Reading and Comprehension: A Difficult Task for the Democrats on the County Board of Supervisors

On 12 May 2020, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued Executive Order 2020-36 essentially laying the ground work to safely return to normal in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Paragraph 7 is clearly written and states, 7. Pursuant to A.R.S. §26-307, NO COUNTY, city, or town may make ANY ORDER, RULE, or REGULATION that conflicts with or is in addition to the policy, directives, or intent of this Executive Order, including, but not limited to any order restricting persons from leaving their home due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, or any other order, rule or regulation that was not in place as of March 11, 2020. This includes but is not limited to any function or service designated as an Essential Service in Executive Order 2020-12. (emphasis added)

Now seeing as the collective salary of the Pima County Board of Supervisors is over $1 Million, it would seem that they would have a working knowledge of the language. Apparently that is not the case. Again, on May 19th, Supervisors Miller and Christy have motioned to rescind the overbearing and burdensome county proclamation only to be shut down by the democrats on the board.

Additionally, in paragraph 5 of the proclamation, it specifies businesses and employers “shall develop, establish,, and implement policies based on guidance from the CDC etc…”. This leads to the question why is Pima County adding a layer of bureaucracy between the specified businesses and the state? See title for answer.

As the Pima County Republican Party, we stand with Supervisors Miller and Christy and demand the proclamation be immediately rescinded.

Any further devastation of small business lies solely at the feet of Pima County Democrats and should be remembered come November.

Pima County Board Oversteps

Wednesday the Pima County Board of Supervisors joined the chorus of Democrat lawmakers attempting to continue the harassment of small business owners by issuing a 17-point list of additional requirements restaurants must follow when reopening to customers. This is without legal authority since the Governor’s EO expires at midnight tonight. Kudos to Senator Vince Leach and Representatives Bret Roberts and Mark Finchem for firing off the required formal request of AG Burnovich to weigh in with an AG’s opinion. This must stop! Without the Governor’s Executive Order, the PIMA BOS has no such authority!

Democrats want our economy to completely fail, thereby creating a situation where Bernie Sanders’ dream of a universal minimum national salary goes into effect by default.

All Republicans must oppose the Democrat 3-2 BOS majority as they move in this direction. The only method at our disposal is to vote them out of office! Get behind our Supervisor candidates, join your District’s GOP candidates’ campaign and do your part to take back the BOS! Take back PIMA County! Stop the Socialist mad agenda!

The Fight for Election Integrity

Chairman Eppihimer talks Election Integrity with Chris DeSimone, host of WakeUp! Tucson radio show on KVOI AM 1030. Listen below

Now, Let’s Get Back to Work!

Thank you Governor Ducey, for not heeding the advice of the Socialist Democrat mayors of Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff who still are calling for the continued shut down of Arizona’s once booming economy.

For six weeks we’ve been feeling the boot of Tucson government on the throat of the residents and business owners of this once great city. The mayor even has a “snitch line”, reminiscent of totalitarian regimes, to promote neighbors turning against neighbors. Every right-thinking Tucsonan should be angry as hell!

To what end do these Socialist Democrats seek the downfall of Arizona’s economy? As Rahm Emanuel is credited with saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste. You can get things done in a crisis that you’d never be able to accomplish under normal circumstances.”

The Socialist Democrats across Arizona have been reeling from the economic resurgence of Republican-led capitalism under the leadership of Governor Ducey and President Trump. Their dilemma? How to get America back on the road to Socialism we were on under Obama and Biden?

The corona virus, fortuitously for the Socialists, couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The Dow reached an all-time high in February. Now let’s seize on this unexpected opportunity to bring America’s roaring economy to its knees, said they to their minions. And let’s keep it there long enough to make a full recovery impossible. Thousands of small businesses will fail, and a complete return to full employment will take years, keeping everyone dependent upon government.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying COVID-19 doesn’t kill, or that it’s no worse than an average flu season. Dr. Fauci’s statistics are not entirely wrong. What I AM saying is that we must guard against a cure that is worse than the disease. This is what our beloved President Trump said Wednesday morning after his visit to Phoenix accompanied by Senator McSally, and this is what Governor Ducey was saying in his new EO of Monday. Let’s get the restart going!

So, Mayors Romero, Gallego and Evans, your grand scheme has been thwarted and Arizona is going back to work!

Thank you Governor, and thank you fellow Arizona Republicans. While the precautions against the virus have been severe, our governor, working along with the President, has us in a position to kill the threat of the Wuhan virus, protect and get Arizonans back to good health and win the victory so important in this year’s election.

Let’s stay focused on the end game, which is winning the war against Leftist Democrats in our county, our state and in the US of A!

David Eppihimer

Response to Tim Steller’s article on Apr 26, 2020, in the AZ Daily Star

We have always shot straight with each other.  Therefore I must tell you your article today in the Star reads like a piece of baloney from Star Trek about “the good of the many outweighing the good of the few”.  This is more of the left wing garbage the Socialists hope is the result of the COVID-19 disaster.   Believe me, we have no intention of joining this One World agenda being shoved down our throats, nor are we abandoning America First or the concept of American Exceptionalism.  Individualism is what made America great and it will be what makes America Great Again.

David Eppihimer

All mail voting is not the answer

The Clinton Foundation, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and our Democrat AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs are all calling for using the current COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to enact a long-held goal of the left – all mail voting. Why is this? A once-in-a-century health crisis is no reason to permanently change the voting system. If anyone feels unsafe going to the polls this election cycle they can request a one-time mail ballot. This mechanism is already in place. Besides, the experts tell us that COVID-19 will be on a downward spiral by the Fall. “Voter convenience” is a poor excuse…to vote is the most sacred obligation of a citizen, thus ensuring that those elected to govern have the consent of the governed. If you can go to the grocery, you can go to the polls to vote. As for the oft repeated “increased turnout” justification, this is an urban legend. Here in Pima County, turnout statistics repeatedly show the same low turnout year after year compared to former in-person elections.
The arguments against all mail voting are compelling. Voting by mail interjects a third party into the voting process – the USPS. The chain of custody of ballots is completely broken by voting by mail, in both the mail out and mail in processes. Exacerbating this problem is the specter of ballot harvesting, illegal in Arizona, but because the law contains no enforcement mechanism or penalties, the practice continues to be reported by election workers throughout Arizona. And the signature verification required by mail voting is fatally flawed. Not only is the comparison done by non-experts, in Pima County those doing the subjective analysis have been given the party registration of the voter whose signature is being verified! How is this defendable?
Rather than go to all mail voting, we citizens should be clamoring for a return to in-person voting including the “absentee ballot” with a valid excuse, complete with proof of identity at the polling place.
No ballot harvesting, no one handling ballots but the voter & election workers, no signature verification needed. Of course, in-person voting could carry a higher price tag than vote by mail, but some of this could be offset by no mail expense and fewer employees in the Recorder’s office. But, what price democracy? If only the vote by mail genie could be put back in the bottle!

AZ Governor Town Hall

This week the Chairman’s Corner features a link to Governor Ducey’s recent Town Hall about the effects of COVID-19 on Arizona and what we can do to slow down its progression.  Kudos to the governor for putting himself out there to field questions and comments from the public and the moderators that clearly were tilted toward the left’s desire to shut this economy down for the purpose of political advantage at the polls this fall.  It’s an hour well worth your time, and when you’ve finished, jot off an email of thanks to the governor for all he is doing to keep us safe, while he does his best to keep at bay those who wish to bring this state down.  Go to and click on “Contact” to fill out a comment form, as I have.
Thanks, and enjoy the Town Hall!


This may be our most important email so far this year. To get as many of our candidates as possible qualifying for the ballot, your signatures are crucial. However, the great reduction in social contacts and public gatherings due to the coronavirus has made signature gathering difficult. The State of Arizona already has in place the perfect answer. Log in at AZSOS and you can sign petitions on line. The site will show you all state and federal offices and candidates you’re eligible to sign for! It’s a terrific resource, and I encourage you not only to go online NOW and get it done, but to forward this email to all your like-minded friends and acquaintances so they can do the same. Your signature may make the difference in getting YOUR candidate on the ballot. Thanks for your prompt attention to this.

David Eppihimer, Chairman

Chairman and Garret Lewis talk TUSD HS brainwashing students about Climate Change

Take a listen

Statement regarding Sammy’s Mexican Grill

The Pima GOP fully supports the owners of Sammy’s Mexican Restaurant in Oracle for exercising their first amendment right to support whatever presidential candidate they chose, in their case, President Trump.  The Nazi tactics being used by the radical militant left to intimidate the Rivas’ is abhorrent and reminiscent of the campaign 2 years ago that resulted in the closure of Cup It Up on University Ave here in Tucson.  In that case the owners of Cup It Up announced on social media their support of President Trump and as a result received death threats and protests at their place of business.
We applaud naturalized citizens Jorge and Betty Rivas for their courage and intestinal fortitude in living the American Dream in the face of tactics used by oppressive regimes past and present.  We stand with you in your opposition to militant leftism!

Chairman Eppihimer on KVOI

David appears on KVOI’s “Law Matters” to defend the Electoral College. San Manuel High School teacher Richard Stocking outs himself as a leftist who teaches his students their vote doesn’t count. Check it out here

Precinct Committeemen,

Chairman Eppihimer

The Vision of the Republican Party of Pima County is to elect Republicans.
Our Mission is to engage, educate and elect:

Engage: Build relationships and establish party presence in our community
Educate: Introduce, promote and reinforce the benefit of the principals of our party
Elect: Secure sustainable Republican leadership by demonstrating relevant brand value

The responsibility for this runs from the Chairman, the Executive Committee, the Legislative District Leadership, to the Precinct Committeemen.

You as Precinct Committeeman, as our grassroots neighborhood leaders, are the key and most important to this success.

You have engaged with the voters, educated them on the Republican platform & policies and encouraged them to vote for Republican candidates.

You have canvassed neighborhoods, knocked on doors, called voters, registered voters, attended your LD meetings, worked on candidate campaigns, run as candidates, worked on ballot initiatives, held rallies, attended Trump parties and so much more.

I want to thank you ALL for your time, effort and commitment past, present and future.

None of this could be done without you because you make the difference.

The 2020 Election cycle is the political event of our lifetime, to make a difference to help re-elect President Trump, keep our US Senate seat and take back the US House of Representative.

This includes electing Republicans in Pima County: Supervisors, Sheriff, Treasurer, Assessor, Attorney & Recorder, to local School Board positions, Justices of the Peace & Constables, and perhaps most importantly, our Arizona State Legislature.  We only hold a one vote majority in the Arizona House, imagine the effect on us right here in Pima County should the Democrats flip one seat in our House this fall.   Unacceptable!

You have my pledge to the best of my ability to work toward the main goal of electing Republicans in everything I do.

I know I can count on you to make a difference in the 2020 election cycle to help turn Pima County Red again.
We have a tough row to hoe here in Blue Pima, but I know we, as a united force, are up to it!

See you on the campaign trail!

David Eppihimer
Pima County Republican Party