Chairman’s Corner

Chairman Eppihimer on KVOI

David appears on KVOI’s “Law Matters” to defend the Electoral College. San Manuel High School teacher Richard Stocking outs himself as a leftist who teaches his students their vote doesn’t count. Check it out here

Precinct Committeemen,

Chairman Eppihimer

The Vision of the Republican Party of Pima County is to elect Republicans.
Our Mission is to engage, educate and elect:

Engage: Build relationships and establish party presence in our community
Educate: Introduce, promote and reinforce the benefit of the principals of our party
Elect: Secure sustainable Republican leadership by demonstrating relevant brand value

The responsibility for this runs from the Chairman, the Executive Committee, the Legislative District Leadership, to the Precinct Committeemen.

You as Precinct Committeeman, as our grassroots neighborhood leaders, are the key and most important to this success.

You have engaged with the voters, educated them on the Republican platform & policies and encouraged them to vote for Republican candidates.

You have canvassed neighborhoods, knocked on doors, called voters, registered voters, attended your LD meetings, worked on candidate campaigns, run as candidates, worked on ballot initiatives, held rallies, attended Trump parties and so much more.

I want to thank you ALL for your time, effort and commitment past, present and future.

None of this could be done without you because you make the difference.

The 2020 Election cycle is the political event of our lifetime, to make a difference to help re-elect President Trump, keep our US Senate seat and take back the US House of Representative.

This includes electing Republicans in Pima County: Supervisors, Sheriff, Treasurer, Assessor, Attorney & Recorder, to local School Board positions, Justices of the Peace & Constables, and perhaps most importantly, our Arizona State Legislature.  We only hold a one vote majority in the Arizona House, imagine the effect on us right here in Pima County should the Democrats flip one seat in our House this fall.   Unacceptable!

You have my pledge to the best of my ability to work toward the main goal of electing Republicans in everything I do.

I know I can count on you to make a difference in the 2020 election cycle to help turn Pima County Red again.
We have a tough row to hoe here in Blue Pima, but I know we, as a united force, are up to it!

See you on the campaign trail!

David Eppihimer
Pima County Republican Party