Your Pima County GOP Executive Committee met in Retreat at GOP HQ  for six hours Saturday, January 7th.  Out of that meeting came a host of fantastic ideas and initiatives that I will be letting you know about as they are fully implemented.

Aside from fund-raising, the mother’s milk of politics, our most important task at hand is brand and image.  As you read in my last message,  the Democrats have been defining us for years.  It’s time we take control and define for voters our Republican values: less government through personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility and free market economic policy.

To this end we have adopted as our mission statement Engage, Educate, Elect.  Engage voters in our Republican vision for the future.  Educate voters and Precinct Committeemen in what the Republican Party truly stands for and how they can make a difference.  Elect Republican candidates in Pima County!

In the Cause,

David Eppihimer
Pima County Republican Party