Mayor of Tucson, Frank Konarski

Email: FrankKonarskiaz@gmail.com

Mayor of Tucson, Sam Nagy

Nagy ‘19 for Mayor

You’re probably going to hear things about the man I was and about 90 percent of it is true!But what we have to realize is that the man I was is not the man I am today. The amount of work that it took me to become the man I am today is a testament to how hard I strive to better myself and to better the lives of those around me. That’s why I know that I would do an amazing job as your Mayor, in this great city of Tucson! I may not be entirely qualified to be mayor. I am not a career politician, but I truly have a heart to serve, will work diligently and dedicate myself to make a change in this City!

Email: nagynineteen@gmail.com


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Ward 2, Ewart Williams

Ward 4, Mike Hicks


Phone: 520.771.2608

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