Become a Precinct Committeeman

We do not have to look far to see the value of the two-party system in either local or national politics. Without a balance of ideologies, dialogue and compromise disappear.

  • Get connected with your neighbors and the party leadership.
  • Learn how to work together to help candidates, register voters and recruit other volunteers.
  • Meet candidates and office holders throughout the year.
  • Learn how to be the link with your neighborhood on issues important to your community.
  • Become the public relations contact for your neighborhood.
  • Develop your own marketing ideas and databases so each election cycle becomes easier.

How Do I Become a Precinct Committeeman (PC)?

There are two ways to become a PC: Election and Appointment.

  1. Becoming an Elected PC:  Every 2 years (in even year election cycles) any registered Republican can circulate a petition in their respective precinct, gathering 10 signatures from other registered Republicans. This petition, along with a signed affidavit, may then be submitted to the Pima County Elections Division, your local Republican Party office, or given to a representative within your legislative district, if available.
    1. You must be a registered Republican and living in the precinct for which you’re applying.
    2. Signatures must be from registered Republicans in your precinct.
    3. Each precinct has a set number of allotted PC positions based on the number of registered Republicans voters within your precinct.  Each precinct is allotted one PC.  For every 125 registered Republican voters, the allotment increases by one.  For example, if there are 1,000 registered Republicans in your precinct, your allotment should be eight. The precinct does not have to have an opening to submit a petition. If more Republicans submit petitions than there are allotted positions, each person who submitted a petition will then be placed on the Primary Election Ballot in August.  Your neighbors then vote for who they would like representing them in the precinct.
    4. Elected PCs are the only PCs who can elect legislative district and county executive committees.  They are also the only ones who may be voted into those offices.
    5. Elected PCs are the only PCs who can be elected as State Committeemen, as well.
  2. Becoming an Appointed PC:  If you did not participate in the election process to become a PC, you may be appointed.  An appointed PC cannot vote to elect legislative district or county executive committees.  If there is an opening on any of those boards, you may have the opportunity to be appointed to those positions at a later date.
    1. You must be a registered Republican and living in the precinct for which you’re applying.
    2. You must fill out the application form and turn it into the Pima County Republican Party office.
    3. Party officials will look on the latest voter registration database to verify your name, address, and party.
    4. Each Legislative District Chair will then give consent to have you as a PC in the district.
    5. Each application must then be signed by the County Chairman.
    6. The application is then forwarded to the Pima County Elections Department where it will again be checked against the latest voter database to ensure applicant is a registered Republican at the address indicated on the form.
    7. Your application, once approved by Elections, is forwarded to the Clerk of the Board of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  She adds your name to the agenda for the next Board of Supervisors’ meeting.  The Supervisors vote to appoint you as a PC.
    8. You will be notified by the Party and by Elections of your appointment.