BECOME A PC (Precinct Committeeman)

We do not have to look far to see the value of the two-party system in either local or national politics. Without a balance of ideologies… dialogue and compromise disappear.

  • Get connected with your neighbors and the party leadership.
  • Learn how to work together to help candidates, register voters and recruit other volunteers.
  • Meet candidates and office holders throughout the year.
  • Learn how to be the link with your neighborhood on issues important to your community.
  • Become the public relations contact for your neighborhood.
  • Develop your own marketing ideas and databases so each election cycle becomes easier.


Video:  What Does a PC Do?   (Mobile Version)

How Do I Become a Precinct Committeeman? (click here to read the official pc handbook)

There are two ways to become a precinct committeeman and there is an important distinction between the two. The first, or easiest way, is to be appointed by application through the party. The second way, or the more formal way, is to request a partisan nomination paper and petition to be on the ballot for the next election cycle. The following are some basic rules and procedures for both:

1. PC Appointment Application : These applications  are available through your legislative district chairman, at Pima GOP headquarters and on line (click here).

A. Applicant must be a registered Republican and living in the precinct for which he is applying.
B. Precinct must have an opening for applicant to be an appointed precinct committeeman.
C. The Chairman for the Pima County Republican Party must authorize applicant.
D. Application is forwarded to Elections Division

2. Petition for Precinct Committeeman: These petitions may be submitted each election cycle occurring on an even year. The forms should be available at party headquarters, the Pima Elections Division or you can click here to download.

A. Applicant must be a registered Republican and living in the precinct for which he is applying.
B. Precinct does not have to have an opening to participate in our democratic process.
C. Partisan Candidate Petitions can be picked up any time and signatures can be collected starting with the first day of each election year. (even years). These signatures must be in his precinct (+/- 10)

Whether you are thinking about becoming a PC, just applied, wondering what you are supposed to be doing, or just want to get more involved in the process, please join us at our monthly Precinct Committeeman Training Sessions held every month of the year. Please check out dates here or email PimaGOP HQ, the executive director at, to answer any questions you may have.

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WWW.AZSOS.GOV/EQUAL IS A WEBSITE THAT ALLOWS ALL ARIZONA VOTERS TO SIGN CANDIDATE PETITIONS AND/OR CONTRIBUTE $5 TO CLEAN ELECTIONS CANDIDATES ONLINE. This is a great way to support conservative candidates without leaving your home. All candidates need to collect a minimum number of qualified signatures and money. YOU can help now by signing an online petition. You simply go to WWW.AZSOS.GOV/EQUAL (the Arizona Secretary of State’s website) and click on one or both of the EQUAL buttons. That will take you to a page where you can sign and/or donate. You will need to provide a valid Arizona Driver’s license number in order for them to verify that you are a qualified voter. Candidates can get half of their required signatures and half of their required $5 contributions in this manner. If we do not help our Arizona conservative candidates today, we cannot expect them to win an election. Please do your part today.