Chairman’s Message

With the primaries behind us, it’s crucial that ALL Republicans unite behind our winners and work tirelessly until the polls close on Election Day.  Our nominees have earned our support.


You’ll hear the Democrats claim that this great economy, a result of our President’s policies, is benefiting only the few, that average working men and women are being left behind.  Such nonsense! Everyone with a paycheck got a “raise” this year thanks to the Trump tax cuts. And hundreds of thousands of bonus checks were written by employers anticipating the benefits of the lower rates.  Unemployment is at historic lows, markets are at historic highs! But the Left would replace our recovery with Socialist redistribution, oblivious to the damage their policies would do.


Their vision of Utopia has never been accomplished in the real world.  The free market economy may not be perfect, but it’s the best economic system devised by man – and always will be.  It has lifted more people from poverty than all other systems combined.


But the Socialist Democrats in Arizona are intent on electing Leftists who would undermine that system.  To maintain our State’s economic well-being, David Garcia must be defeated; Kyrsten Sinema must be defeated; Ann Kirkpatrick must be defeated; Raul Grijalva must be defeated; Tom O’Halleran must be defeated; and our House and Senate majorities must be preserved!


Those races closest to home make the most difference in our daily lives.  But our state legislative majority is under attack. Throughout Pima County we have great candidates who would prolong the prosperity currently being fostered by our Republican leadership.  


We need to get them elected so that they have that chance!


Let us all rededicate ourselves to putting forth maximum effort over the next two months on behalf of our Republican nominees.  They have dedicated themselves – give them what they need to win!