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Republican Party of Pima County presents NEW $20 for 2020 Team Fundraiser. Imagine your city, county, state & country in the hands of Democrats or in the hands of Republicans. The choice is yours. Donate NOW!

Pima GOP claims Tucson ballot opens up election to fraud

The envelope that Tucson voters sign to confirm their identity in the all mail election contains information about the voter’s party affiliation. The Pima County Republican Party claims that information is a problem.

“It violates the secrecy of our balloting process. It creates an aura of incompetence and bad practices and in fact allows for possible voter suppression and fraud,” said David Eppihimer, Chair, Pima County Republican Party.

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Tucson’s fate is in YOUR vote

Please vote for Sam Nagy, Ewart Williams AND Michael Hicks. Vote for the only mayoral candidate who wants to put Tucson 1st, Ed Ackerley!
And finally, please vote NO on Props 205 and 409,
If you could’t mail your ballot by WEDNESDAY OCT 30TH and wish to drop it off before election day, do so M-F, 8 am – 5 pm, at 800 E 12t St. (City Elections).
On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 5th drop-off locations are listed here (or see graphic below).

Election 2019 Observers Needed

We are soliciting to have a Republican observer is each of the seven drop-off locations throughout Tucson. We are looking for ballot harvesting. Polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm on Tuesday, November 5th. We can make shifts, if needed, but we need the location staffed the whole time. The polls are at the following locations:

Department of Housing and Community Development
320 N Commerce Park Loop

Morris K. Udall Regional Center
7200 E. Tanque Verde Road

Donna R. Liggins Recreation Center
2160 N 6th Avenue

William Clements Recreation Center
8155 E. Poinciana Drive

El Pueblo Senior Center
101 W. Irvington Road

Parks and Recreation Administration Randolph Park
900 S. Randolph Way

Tucson City Clerk Elections Center
800 E. 12th Street

Please contact this office via email or phone (520.321.1492) with any questions or to sign up to be an observer.


Pima County Republican Party Statement Regarding Mayor Rothschild’s ‘Hot Mic’ Moment

Pima County, Arizona – Tucson’s outgoing Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, at a public meeting on Tuesday, not once but twice dropped the f-bomb with regard to constituents and their comments.

While not an earth-shaking occurrence, it is an indication of the disdain the elitist political Left has for their beleaguered citizens and for our cultural norms.

It’s part and parcel of the decades-long deterioration of the many cities in our country which are run by his Leftist, “progressive” party.

Stonegarden Statement

David Eppihimer, Chairman, Pima GOP, to the Pima County Board of Supervisors

Supervisors, Chairman Elias, I am David Eppihimer, a resident and taxpayer in Pima County and Chairman of the Pima County Republican Party.  I speak for the Party today.

We have a documented crisis on the border as finally reported by mainstream news outlets of all types.  The resulting situation reminds me of a line from the Jaycee creed…”we are a country of laws, not of men”.  The first time I heard this, I didn’t get it. I did soon enough. We are moving toward a country of people’s feelings & opinions, not of laws.  The solution is simple, follow the law.

I urge this Board to disregard a vocal but tiny minority of the fringe of the left that advocates for open boarders.  It has been said that you don’t have a country if you don’t have borders.

Do the right thing for Pima County public safety…accept the funding!

UPDATE: The Board voted 3-2 to accept the funding

Congratulations to these Award Winners!

Announced at the recent Lincoln Day Dinner, we’re proud to recognize these volunteers for their contributions to the Republican party here in Southern Arizona. Thank you to all!


Pima GOP

Art Wales Memorial Citizenship Award: Ann Hollis

PC of the Year: Deana Puccinelli

Rookie of the Year: Bobbie Jo King

Activist of the Year (2): Nadia Larson & Geri Ottoboni


PC of the Year: (2)  Lee Cornelison & Judy Alkire

Rookie of the Year: Jan Farrington


PC of the Year: Brad Cowan


PC of the Year: Mikki Neimi

Rookie of the Year: Kimberly Cervantez


PC of the Year: (2) Brad Johns & Donna Alu


PC of the Year: Chris King

Rookie of the Year: Mike Sullivan


PC of the Year: Daniel Seifried

Rookie of the Year: Dion Heimink


PC of the Year: Dean Anderson

Rookie of the Year: Norma Corella